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SCV Private Lifeguard Service

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Due to extremely high insurance premiums and the risk associated with providing this service, we are not taking any bookings at this time. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Service Info

Our professional lifeguard services require a 3-hour minimum booking. The time contracted is for lifeguard supervision of the pool, including orientation and youth skills assessment. The maximum number of children for a single Lifeguard to vigilantly protect is 15.  (Some pools based on size, blind areas, separated spas, etc., may require additional protection.)
Charges for 1 Lifeguard, with swimmers:

  • $250 for first 3-hours 

Each additional hour or Lifeguard required: 

  • $50 per hour

Charges for 1 Lifeguard, without swimmers:

  • $150 for first 3-hours

Each additional hour:  

  • $40 per hour

Additional Fees:

  • National Holiday Fee: If you are reserving the date of a National Holiday there will be an additional fee of $10 per hour.

  • Travel Fee: If Service is requested out of the Santa Clarita Valley, additional quote will be made depending on distance.

  • Ratio Fee: If Lifeguard to Child ratio of 1:15 is declined by party host, if approved, an additional fee of $10 per hour will be added due to increased stress and involvement in service of each Lifeguard​.  A maximum of 1:20 will be approved.