SCV Private Lifeguard Service

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Service Info

Our professional lifeguard services require a 2-hour minimum booking. The time contracted is for lifeguard supervision of the pool, including orientation and youth skills assessment. The maximum number of children for a single Lifeguard to vigilantly protect is 14.  (Some pools based on size, blind areas, separated spas, etc., may require additional protection.)
Charges for 1 Lifeguard:
            2-hour party:    $65
            3-hour party:    $95
            4-hour party:    $125

            5-hour party:    $155

Each additional Lifeguard required:  $30 per hour

*If you are reserving the date of a National Holiday there will be an additional fee of $10 per hour*

*If Service is requested out of the Santa Clarita Valley, additional quote will be made depending on distance*

*If Lifeguard to Child ratio of 1:14 is declined by party host, an additional fee may be added due to increased stress and involvement in service of each Lifeguard*

Underwater Photos Now Available!

Professional Underwater Pictures are a great party favor for you and all your guests! All types of underwater pictures will be taken including: Group, Best Friends, Solo, Playing/Jumping into the water and all angles possible inside of the pool. All pictures will be edited and dropped off at your home on a USB stick. 

ONLY $10 per child! *minimum 10 person booking*






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Remember, you can not put a price on family safety...

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